Jim Arnold

Jim Arnold is an English character actor based in East Kent UK. With 45 years’ experience on radio, stage and screen, he has worked professionally in TV series and advertising, and has appeared in 17 films, as shown on the IMdB web. He is retired now from a long career teaching Business English to company directors in 4 European countries, where he wrote, edited and helped publish a number of English language courses. His writing nowadays is confined to screenwriting, and he has gained recognition in several scriptwriting contests. His acting has included a wide range of registers from comedy and farce (including pantomime dames) to black drama, both on stage and screen. As well as various accents in his mother tongue, he has performed in French and Catalan and is fluent in Spanish. His favourite genre is crime drama, where he has often been cast in sinister roles such as corrupt cops and politicians, as well as gang bosses.




Coldbones’ Collapse

Witches of Amityville Academy

Shut Up Lloyd


A Vulture’s Story

Escape from Marwin

La Vida Nuestra

Smoke and Mirrors


Cómo Sobrevivir a Una Despedida

Grand piano



Savage Grace

Porca Miseria

The Nun

The Birthday

Second name

Gaudi Afternoons

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